Yemeni Foreign Ministry condemns continued Zionist attacks on Al-Aqsa

Yemeni Foreign Ministry condemns continued Zionist attacks on Al-Aqsa

Yemen’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned on Thursday the Zionist enemy’s continuation of allowing extremist Zionist groups to storm the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque and Al-Quds Al-Sharif in what is known as the “flags march”.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated that this provocative march warned all Palestinian factions of its consequences.

It stressed that in light of the provocative conditions of the Zionist enemy, the coming days portend catastrophic consequences that will include the occupied territories and perhaps the region, for which the Zionist enemy bears responsibility. It is represented by a strong military reaction expected from the Palestinian resistance factions in response to the use of force and violence by the usurping enemy against the defenseless Palestinians and their sanctities.

The statment added that the international community, which did not show any reaction, does not act except after responding with the rockets of the Palestinian resistance.

It stressed that the Zionist enemy will not stop its aggression against the Palestinian people except with a strong and deterrent response and the equation of confronting force with force.

The statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned of the detonation of the situation in the occupied territories, for which the Zionist enemy and international parties bear responsibility for its transgressions and aggressions throughout the last period.

The statement called on the upcoming Arab summit to take a strong stance towards the increasing Zionist provocations and violations that transgressed all humanitarian and international norms and laws.