Hezbollah holds large-scale military exercises in southern Lebanon

Hezbollah holds large-scale military exercises in southern Lebanon

The Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement has launched large-scale military exercises in Southern Lebanon, showcasing its strength ahead of the 23rd anniversary of the country’s liberation from the Israeli occupation.
The drills, which were held at a resistance camp near the village of Mleeta in southern Lebanon on Sunday, included several exercises simulating Hezbollah attacks on Israeli outposts in any future battle.

Local, regional and international reporters were invited to cover the drill.

During the military exercise, Hezbollah displayed its combat capabilities, while its fighters paraded on all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles.

The resistance fighters successfully captured an enemy military vehicle, demonstrating their tactical prowess. They also showed valiant military skills using both light and heavy weapons, while simulating an attack on an Israeli settlement to capture the regime’s soldiers.

Several drones were also deployed and explosive-laden UAVs targeted potential Israeli targets in the drill venue.

Earlier, Hezbollah had announced in a statement that it would hold a major exercise in Lebanon on Sunday with the participation of tanks, missile units and infantry, adding there was going to be a ground exercise, simulating the containment of an Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

Hezbollah’s media officer Muhammad Afif also said the drill will be covered by many media outlets around the world, and some of its stages will be conducted “with live ammunition.”

He went on to say that the drill is a simple example of the real capabilities of Hezbollah, adding that it sends a clear message to the Israeli regime that the resistance is ready to prevent the enemy’s aggression and defend Lebanon.

The chief of Hezbollah’s Executive Council, Sayyid Hashim Safiuddin also noted that in this exercise, the resistance’s full preparedness was shown to deal with any aggression, stressing that the weapons will remain in the hands of the resistance fighters until complete victory is achieved.

Lebanon marks the Resistance and Liberation Day on May 25 each year. In May 2000, the Israeli regime was forced by Hezbollah to withdraw its troops from Lebanon, ending nearly two decades of occupation of the country’s south.

Hezbollah was established following the 1982 Israeli invasion and occupation of southern Lebanon.

Since then, the movement has grown into a powerful military force, dealing repeated blows to the Israeli military, including during a 33-day war in July 2006.

Source: Press TV