Mahrah inhabitants rally against separatist plots

Mahrah inhabitants rally against separatist plots

The people of Mahrah province, eastern Yemen, on Sunday reiterated their rejection of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s demand to return Yemen to what it was before achieving Yemeni unity on May 22, 1990.

The spokesman for the sit-in committee opposing foreign forces in Mahrah, Ali Mubarak Mahamed, confirmed in a tweet on his Twitter account that the people of Mahrah reject the projects of dividing Yemen and the return of totalitarian rule, indicating that the attempt of the advocates of secession to impose a fait accompli is unacceptable.

The committee’s spokesman reiterated the adherence of the people of Mahrah and all Yemenis to the constitution and the laws of the Republic of Yemen, considering the division of the country a goal sought by those with agendas affiliated with the external occupation.

Mahamed pointed out that those who adopt these calls “do not own their decision but are waiting for directions from the capitals of the occupying countries.”

These remarks coincide with the 33rd anniversary of Yemeni unity, which restored the coherence of the two parts of Yemen on May 22, 1990.