Mahrah People Celebrate 33rd Anniversary of Yemen Unification

Mahrah People Celebrate 33rd Anniversary of Yemen Unification

The People of the Mahrah sit-in committees have congratulated all the people of Yemen on the 33rd anniversary of the Yemeni Unification, calling on all Yemenis to celebrate this anniversary.

“The 33rd anniversary of Yemeni’s Unification is upon us, as one of the most important achievements for the people of Yemen on May 22, 1990, and the country is passing through a delicate historical stage with the return of external occupiers,” the committee said in a statement.

The statement affirmed that “the 22nd of May represented the true will of all the Yemeni People from Mahrah to Saada, and a comprehensive station for the struggles of Yemenis over many decades for defending the unity.”

The statement stated that “the Yemeni unity did not represent people, an elite, or a political trend, but rather represented all spectrums of the Yemeni people, who did not stop dreaming of unity and the return of a great Yemen that brings together all its people.”

The statement pointed out that “it is no longer hidden from any of the people of Yemen that there are goals and plans drawn by the occupation to divide and fragment Yemen.

The statement reiterated that the objectives of the occupation were not in the interest of the Republic and the Yemeni people, but rather used all means to intervene and target the social fabric of the people of Yemen and impose a siege on it.