Southern notables call for reconciliation

Southern notables call for reconciliation

Sheikhs, notables, and leaders from the southern provinces called on Thursday for a general tribal conference that includes all the parties to consolidate the values of reconciliation, tolerance, and unity.

This came during a tribal consultative meeting held Thursday in the Tribal People’s Cohesion Council to discuss developments on the national scene and in the southern provinces.

The meeting dealt with aspects related to the consolidation of the values of brotherhood and cooperation among the tribes of Yemen, away from narrow partisan, regional, and factional affiliations.

The statement of the participants in the meeting called for raising the state of readiness and willingness to find serious reconciliation, rapprochement, and real understandings within a solid ground that leads to achieving broad national tribal alignment as a basic requirement to face any entitlements or dangers facing the country.

In order to extend the armistice and begin new negotiations, the Saudi-led aggressor coalition countries must stop supporting extremist organizations, and foreign forces must also leave Yemen and not interfere anymore, according to the statement.