Coalition government increases fees for Yemeni pilgrims

Coalition government increases fees for Yemeni pilgrims

The “government” loyal to the Saudi-led coalition has faced its economic failure by imposing additional fees on Yemeni pilgrims this year, citing emergency modifications to e-route services.

The pro-coalition Ministry of Awqaf explained in a circular that the approved increase of 59.8 Saudi riyals for electronic services items on Hajj and mission visas, and the addition of 174.5 Saudi riyals in the fees for camp services on Hajj visas.

The ministry’s circular issued on Thursday called on the accredited agencies to supply an amount of 243 Saudi riyals to each pilgrim and supervisor, and 59 Saudi riyals to members of the mission under the name of new cost fees in the electronic track and deposit those amounts in their account with a commercial exchange company without their account in the Central Bank of Aden.

The Ministry gave the Hajj agencies three days to supply the increase they approved to their account until the procedures are completed, according to their claims.

The size of the increase imposed on pilgrims according to the exchange rates of the Saudi riyal in the areas under the control of the coalition exceeds the amount of 82,000 Yemeni riyals per pilgrim.

In early May, Sana’a condemned the irresponsible actions of the pro-coalition government against Hajj and Umrah agencies in which it forced them to rent buildings more than eight kilometers from the Grand Mosque in Mecca and the accumulation of Yemeni pilgrims numbering more than 21,000 in unqualified towers, with five pilgrims per room.

These towers do not conform to the specifications and conditions necessary to house pilgrims, lacking the simplest services and transportation, according to Sana’a’s Ministry of Awqaf.

Sana’a held the Saudi-led coalition responsible for any potential risks to pilgrims.