Saudi Arabia continues to seek partition of Yemen

Saudi Arabia continues to seek partition of Yemen

Saudi Arabia sent on Sunday a new message to the UAE and its factions in southern Yemen, including a new offer to avoid the Hadhramaut crisis and its position on the secession of the south.

This comes ahead of an expected announcement of the results of the Hadhrami forces’ negotiations in Riyadh.

Saudi intelligence, through its media arms on social media, directed a campaign in which it tried to clarify its view on the secession of the south.

Abdullah Al Hatila, assistant editor-in-chief of the official Okaz newspaper, indicated in a post on his official page that his country does not oppose the Emirati vision to achieve the secession of southern Yemen, but he stressed that there is a difference in the vision of achieving this.

For his part, the Brigadier General of the Saudi Army, Ahmed Al-Qarni, revealed what he described as the secret his country is knitting into Yemen, explaining that his country is seeking to achieve secession according to the principles of a federal southern state.

In a post on his official page on social media, Al-Qarni considered the recent statements by Rashad Al-Alimi, head of the so-called “Leadership Council”, which included approval of secession, not to mention the ongoing negotiations in the south and east, as indicating arrangements for declaring the southern state.

Contrary to what Hatila and Al-Qarni proposed, Ali Al-Areshi began to reveal more clearly his country’s intention to share the south with the UAE by giving the latter Lahj and Aden provinces and keeping the eastern regions of the country under the tutelage of Riyadh.

These shifts in Saudi Arabia’s positions towards southern Yemen, despite its attempts to keep its position ambiguous, indicate Riyadh’s attempt to pacify the factions loyal to the UAE, especially as they come before an expected announcement of the outcomes of the Hadhrami negotiations, which include the secession of Hadhramaut.