Ansarullah condemns Saudi execution of two Bahraini youths

Ansarullah condemns Saudi execution of two Bahraini youths

The Political Bureau of Ansarullah condemned the Saudi regime’s crime of killing two Bahraini youths, stressing that the blood of the martyrs represents the fuel of the revolution that will strike the oppressors.

The bureau said in a statement: “The Saudi regime committed a new brutal crime by the murder of two Bahraini youths, Jaafar Muhammad Sultan and Sadiq Majeed Thamer.”

The statement held “the Saudi regime responsible for this crime,” condemning “the silence and complicity of the puppet Bahraini regime in this crime against Bahraini citizens, which reflects the extent of its dependence on the Saudi regime.

It stressed that “the crimes of the Saudi regime against the people of Yemen, the people of Bahrain, the people of the eastern regions, and other free people inside and outside the country will sweep the Saudi regime into the abyss.

On Monday, Riyadh announced the execution of two Bahrainis, charged with “joining a terrorist cell,” aimed at “destabilizing the security” of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, bringing the total number of executions in the kingdom to nine this month.