Two Zionist soldiers killed in shooting

Two Zionist soldiers killed in shooting

Two “Israeli” soldiers were shot and killed in a so-called “security incident” near the Occupied Palestinian border with Egypt on Saturday morning.

According to the “Israeli” army, there was a further exchange of fire in the area hours later, which resulted in a gunman being killed.

The operation occurred near Al-Naqab desert.

Meanwhile, the “Israeli” media reported that “The circumstances were under investigation by the military.”

The “Israeli” occupation army initially barred publication that the two soldiers — one male and one female — were killed, until their families were notified.

Hours later, the “Israeli” army said there had been a new exchange of gunfire in the area of the initial operation, as troops were carrying out searches.

“During an encounter with a ‘terrorist’… a short while ago, an exchange of fire developed. Troops and commanders engaged [the suspect] and shot and killed him,” the Zionist army said in a statement.

“Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said he was being continuously briefed on developments at the scene.

Further details of the incidents were not immediately cleared for publication.

Source: Alahed News