Wave of heat strokes in Aden due to power outages

Wave of heat strokes in Aden due to power outages

Dozens of fainting cases reportedly took place in the streets and homes of Yemen’s southern port city, Aden, due to extreme heat in the province, local sources said on Friday.

According to the sources, the fainting is due to extreme heat in the city of Aden in conjunction with a catastrophic power outage, lack of services and deterioration of living and economic conditions, amid total silence from the government loyal to the Saudi-led coalition.

The power outages, which reached six hours of continuous blackout, have become a real dilemma for citizens and threatens the lives of patients and children in the absence of the role of the pro-coalition authorities, who are busy with their own partisan agenda, the sources said.

According to observers, the exacerbation of living conditions and the deterioration of services in the city of Aden and the southern and eastern governorates, will ignite a state of anger that will sweep southern streets against the practices of the pro- coalition government that disregards the lives of civilians.

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