Pro-coalition government official denounces countries that support Yemeni Unity

Pro-coalition government official denounces countries that support Yemeni Unity

A prominent leader in the “government” loyal to the Saudi-led coalition and the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) revealed on Saturday dangerous promises from who he described as “international actors.”

This came in the context of criticism directed by the head of the “Consultation and Reconciliation Commission” in the pro-coalition government, Muhammad al-Ghaithi, to the ambassadors of countries that he did not name because of “their governments’ support for Yemeni unity,” as he said.

Al-Ghaithi, who also holds the position of head of foreign affairs in the STC, confirmed in a series of tweets on Twitter that “the reference of some ambassadors of the countries sponsoring the political process to support Yemeni unity does not serve the cohesion and strength of the Presidential Leadership Council.”

In a sign indicating that the STC has obtained what resembles guarantees to proceed with the process of dividing Yemen, Al-Ghaithi said, “Repeating this position is completely contrary to the obligations of international actors towards the leadership council and legitimacy.”

He added, “If we had agreed on unity or any other project, we would not have had the Riyadh agreement, the parity government, the declaration of power transfer, the leadership council, the consultation commission, and others.”

Al-Ghaithi hinted that “continuing this confusion,” as he put it, might lead to “annulment of the partnership, not just weakening it,” in an explicit threat to the pro-coalition Presidential Leadership Council.

It is noteworthy that the coalition countries agree on the idea of dividing the country, but their agendas and the factions loyal to them are fighting over how to share it among themselves.

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