Puppet government official assassinated in Taiz province

Puppet government official assassinated in Taiz province

An official of the government loyal to the Saudi-led coalition was killed in a mysterious assassination operation near Bab Al-Mandab, west of Taiz province, on Tuesday.

This comes one day after a prominent military commander in the armed factions loyal to the UAE was injured in the same area.

There were conflicting reports about the details of the assassination, as local residents reported that the director of Al-Kadha’s electricity facility, Saleh Rabah, was killed in an explosion that targeted his car while he was in the Thubab area in Bab Al-Mandab, which is under the control of the UAE-loyal factions.

Local media loyal to the coalition reported that Rabah was assassinated by gunmen affiliated with the so-called “Guardians of the Republic” faction led by Tariq Saleh, a member of the “Presidential Leadership Council” formed by the coalition.

In a related context, the engineering staff officer of the “Second Tihama Brigade”, Muhammad Jarmesh, and his son Ezzedine, were injured by the explosion of a landmine left over from the war between the districts of Hays and Al-Khokhah of Hodeida province.