Egyptian citizens abducted and tortured by militias in occupied Ma’rib

Egyptian citizens abducted and tortured by militias in occupied Ma’rib

Insan Rights and Freedoms Organization has revealed the crime of kidnapping and torturing an Egyptian citizen and her daughter by the authorities loyal to the Saudi-led coalition in the city of Ma’rib.

The organization stated that the Egyptian citizen, Sahar Ragab Abdulmohsen, who is married to a Yemeni citizen, along with her five-year-old daughter, Sama, had come to the organization to report that she was kidnapped on December 16, 2018, while traveling from Seiyun Airport to Ibb province, her husband’s hometown, and she was six months pregnant.

According to the organization, the Egyptian citizen testified about the physical and psychological torture she was subjected to during the five years in the Political Security prison in the city of Ma’rib and the denial of communication with her family, in addition to the crime committed against the child Sama, who was born and lived in prison conditions with her mother, which is a violation of human rights.

The Insan organization quoted the Egyptian woman’s testimony about the disastrous situation that women suffer from in the Political Security prison in Ma’rib.

The organization called for an immediate end to these violations, including the enforced disappearances and arbitrary arrests, which are carried out by the authorities in Ma’rib and have become systematic without accountability or consideration for human values and morals.

It also called for the speedy formation of an independent international commission to investigate all crimes committed by the Ma’rib authorities, especially those committed against children, women, and detainees in their prisons.

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