Ministry of Fisheries warns of coalition's damage to marine life

Ministry of Fisheries warns of coalition's damage to marine life

The Ministry of Fisheries has warned of the continuation of hostile activities by the forces of the US-Saudi aggression in the island of the Socotra archipelago and Yemeni territorial waters.

In a statement, Saturday, the ministry stressed the need to end poaching and destructive unregulated fishing practices. It warned the forces of aggression from disposing of toxic and hazardous waste in Yemeni waters.

The statement stressed that the practices of the UAE forces greatly harm fish and coral reefs, in addition to looting hundreds of tons of coral stones, and exporting them to the Gulf countries to be used in building heritage sites.

It explained that 80% of the coral reefs on the Yemeni coast are at risk of imminent collapse and long-term threats, and that 20% have already been destroyed over the past eight years, without hope for their growth again, according to technical reports.

The Ministry stated that the unique and distinctive coastal coral reefs cover a large area of about 25% of the Yemeni coast, and more than 186 Yemeni islands in the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

The Ministry called on all concerned parties in the local and international community to respect regional agreements and treaties for the preservation of the marine environment. It called for joint action to protect fisheries and preserve the marine environment in the region.

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