Sweden condemns Saudi plots to divide Yemen

Sweden condemns Saudi plots to divide Yemen

The Swedish envoy to Yemen, Peter Semneby, announced on Wednesday his country’s rejection of Saudi Arabia’s decision to proceed with plots for dividing Yemen.

Semneby said in a television interview that “The future of Yemen is determined by its sons,” considering that any move in this direction complicates the situation in the country that has been subjected to war and siege for eight years.

The Swedish official stressed that “the priority should be to return the Yemeni parties to the dialogue table and let them determine the future of the country,” confirming that “there is an international consensus on the need for Yemen to remain united.”

Semneby’s comments, whose country plays a prominent role in the political negotiations, come after Saudi Arabia announced the formation of a national council for Hadhramaut as part of the steps to separate the oil-rich and strategic provinces in eastern Yemen.

The plot to ensure a separation of Hadhramaut comes in addition to other division projects that began in Aden, and heralds the possibility of long-term civil and internal conflict.

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