Mahrah sit-in committee meets for fifth anniversary

Mahrah sit-in committee meets for fifth anniversary

The anti-foreign occupation sit-in committee in Mahrah province, eastern Yemen, on Sunday, said that the people of Mahrah have set the most wonderful example in the struggle and have thwarted the ambitions of invaders and occupiers with all glory and defiance.

The sit-in committee spokesman, Ali Mubarak bin Mahamed, in a statement on the occasion of the celebration of the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the first sit-in against foreign occupation, announced the continuation of the legitimate struggle until the departure of the occupation forces from the governorate.

“Mahrah will remain safe, stable and guarded by its men, sheikhs, tribes and all components, and we will not compromise on our national constants, our social fabric and Mahri cohesion,” Bin Mahamed said.

“Today, we recall part of the people of Mahrah’s role in the struggle for five years of actions at all levels. Thus, the issue of Mahrah has reached all international forums, which came because of our solid and courageous stance at all turns and stages, and we have thwarted all the plans of the occupation and its continuous tool on our safe and peaceful governorate,” he said.

In turn, a group of activists and human rights defenders launched a wide campaign on the fifth anniversary of the launch of the peaceful sit-in committee, to highlight the great achievements made by the committee under the leadership of its chairman, Sheikh Ali Salem Al-Huraizi, and to rally all free people inside and outside Mahrah.

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