Yemen holds large military exercises to showcase readiness to continue defensive war if needed

Yemen holds large military exercises to showcase readiness to continue defensive war if needed

The  Yemeni armed forces  organized on Monday military maneuvers in Jawf province in strict messages to the Saudi-led coalition countries, under the slogan “If you return, we will return”, came days after a large military parade in Ibb province.

During the maneuver, the Yemeni Minister of Defence , Major General Mohammed Nasser Al-Atifi, said: “The coalition countries, especially the neighboring capitals of Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, must understand that we do not accept evasive policies.”

He touched on the current stage with all its political, military and economic facts and its revolutionary liberation transformations coinciding with the delay in the legitimate human rights demands of the Yemeni people that include the humanitarian file, in addition to the coalition’s military movements and the establishment of more military bases in the occupied islands and provinces.

Al-Atifi addressed the coalition countries, saying, “Take advantage of the opportunity given to you by the leader of the revolution and come to your senses before the price of your hesitant positions doubles.”

Observers considered that these maneuvers may put the coalition between two options, either to achieve a settlement or to return to military confrontations.

The armed forces revealed in a statement about 3,000 soldiers, with snipers, artillery, an anti-armor unit, drones, vehicles of various kinds, and short-range missiles, were involved in the military maneuver, amid an official and large military presence.

These forces confirmed that the main objective of the maneuver, which was carried out in a large area and a mountainous environment and valleys, was to send a message to the coalition forces that the Yemeni armed forces being fully prepared to fight any upcoming battles.

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