Stop Ramstein Air Base - No Drone War!

Stop Ramstein Air Base - No Drone War!

Peace activists in Germany held a week-long peace campaign and foot marches from June 18 to 25, 2023, demanding the suspension of Ramstein Air Base located in the Rhineland-Palatinate district of Germany.

The traditional action week of the Stop Air Base Ramstein campaign took place in Germany for a week. The goal of the campaign is to bring about the closure of the world’s largest US military base in Germany and outside the United States.

Ramstein Air Base is the key center for all illegal US drone attacks in the world, there is no other air base like Ramstein in the world. In Ramstein, electronic signals from the USA (New Mexico and Nevada) are received in Germany for the US combat drones, which are then forwarded to the drones in the air – hovering over Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Yemen etc., and fire their rockets, Mathias from Stop the WAR in Yemen said in a statement to Yemen Hodhod News Agency.

He added:”Without the US Air Base Ramstein in Germany, worldwide US drone terror would not be possible.”

In addition, the US Air Base in Ramstein is the brain for the US war in the Near and Middle East, Africa and Europe. It is the logistics center for the delivery of weapons, military equipment, ammunition and soldiers from the United States to all regions outside the Americas, he explained.

The US Ramstein Air Base is the operations center for NATO’s missile defense system in Europe and the decision-making center for all US nuclear weapons stationed in Europe.

Hundreds of peace activists from the camp walked 5 kilometers through the villages and communities in Rheinland-Pfalz to Ramstein Air Base to loudly support the residents for their protest to win against the air base. They call for the immediate end of worldwide US drone terror, the immediate end of arms deliveries to warring countries and the closure of the US command center in Germany.

Around 1,500 people from all over Germany, the USA, Switzerland, Austria and other countries took part in the following rally in front of the gates of Ramstein Air Base and enthusiastically listened to the speeches and music of prominent politicians, writers and artists. The rally ended in over 30 degrees Celsius (93°F) in the late afternoon

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