Demonstrators in Sana'a hold rally in support of the Palestinian People

Demonstrators in Sana'a hold rally in support of the Palestinian People

On Tuesday afternoon, a mass rally was held in Sana’a in solidarity with the Palestinian people and in condemnation of the burning of the Noble Quran copies in Sweden.

The participants raised flags of Palestine and Yemen and chanted slogans condemning Zionist attacks and terrorist acts committed against Palestine.

The people affirmed their firm position in support of the Palestinian cause, resistance, and the sanctities of the nation.

The participants also condemned the burning and desecration of the Holy Qur’an in Sweden.

A statement issued by the mass rally condemned the criminal Zionist aggression against the Jenin camp, which caused the death, injury, and arrest of dozens of Palestinians.

“The Zionist enemy would not have dared to carry out its criminal military campaign on the Jenin camp and continue its crimes against the Palestinian people without the support and protection of the US,” The rally’s statement read.

It added, “The shameful silence of the international community on the crimes of the Zionist entity is a major reason for the continuation of its crimes against the Palestinian people.”

The statement praised the heroic response of the Palestinian Jihad and Resistance factions who are confronting the Zionist occupation forces with strength, courage, and valor.

The rally’s statement affirmed the Yemeni people’s support for the Palestinian people and their resistance movements in their battle against the Zionist enemy.

It also affirmed that the Yemeni people are fully prepared and ready to participate practically in confronting the Zionist enemy in defense of Palestine and Islamic holy sites.

The statement called on the peoples of Islamic and Arab nations to get out of their state of silence and support practical positions in favor of the Palestinian people.

It further called on international organizations to condemn the crimes committed by the Zionist entity against the Palestinians.