UAE sends intelligence officer to incite violent protests in Hadhramaut province

UAE sends intelligence officer to incite violent protests in Hadhramaut province

The UAE has assigned one of its intelligence officers to incite and coordinate chaos in Hadhramaut province, eastern Yemen, informed political sources revealed on Monday.

The political activist and former leader in the “Southern Resistance,” Adel al-Hassani, confirmed that the UAE assigned the officer, “Hamdan al-Kaabi,” known as “Abu Nasser,” to meet with local groups at al-Rayyan airport in the city of Mukalla. The officer was sent to stir up chaos in the province.

Al-Hassani stated that the Emirati officer distributed money to the group leaders and instructed them to carry out tasks that were assigned to them.

Adel al-Hassani wondered, “Will Hadhremi (people of Hadhramaut) realize the scheme and how to deal with it?”

This came after the pro-Emirati “Hadhrami Hiba” movement called yesterday, Sunday, for its followers to hold angry protests in the districts of Hadhramaut tomorrow, Tuesday, against the corruption of the government loyal to the Saudi-led coalition and its manipulation of the province’s revenues.

Emirati-Saudi disputes in Hadhramaut have surfaced during the past months. This resulted in Saudi establishing the “Hadramout National Council” at the end of June. The council is made up of political and tribal figures loyal to Saudi Arabia. It’s purpose is to limit the movements of the pro-UAE factions and control the district of the oil-rich province.

This came after the deputy president of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council, Ahmed bin Brik, last month, agreed to allow Saudi Arabia to deploy its loyal “Dera al-Watan” factions in the districts of the Hadhramaut valley and to transfer the brigades of the “First Military Region” affiliated with the Islah Party to Ma’rib province.

In 2016, the UAE closed Al-Rayyan airport to civilian flights, making it a US military base on the coast of the Arabian Sea. They claim to be confronting terrorist elements in the city of Mukalla.

The UAE has turned Al-Rayyan Airport into a den for an administration to conspire against the security and stability of Yemen and plunder its oil and gas wealth in the eastern provinces of Yemen. A part of the airport was turned into secret prisons and detention centers to hide and torture human rights activists opposed to foreign occupation.

Last February, the Saudi “Al-Hadath TV” quoted its sources in the Pentagon as saying that Washington has two CIA military bases in Yemen, one of which is in Mukalla, Hadhramaut province, without disclosing the other military bases.

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