Germany refuses to export Eurofighter aircraft to Saudi Arabia

Germany refuses to export Eurofighter aircraft to Saudi Arabia

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz ruled out on Wednesday the possibility of his country providing Eurofighter fighter jets to Saudi Arabia because of its war on Yemen.

When asked about this issue in his appearance before the media at the conclusion of the NATO summit in Vilnius, the German chancellor said, “The situation in Yemen is very unstable. It is unthinkable to make these supplies while the country is still at war.”

Scholz added that it is not expected that these deliveries will be allowed soon, confirming the information provided by the newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung” about the suspension of German arms exports to Saudi Arabia until the end of the war on Yemen.

The agreement of the ruling alliance in Germany between the Social Democratic Scholz Party, the Green Party, and the Free Democratic Party signed in 2021 includes the following statement: “We will not issue arms export licenses to countries whose direct involvement in the Yemen war can be proven.”

A German investigative team known as the “German Arms” team had published an investigation proving Germany’s involvement in the aggression against Yemen by providing the Saudi-led coalition with German weapons.

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