Coalition government admits to helping UAE take over Yemeni Telecommunications

Coalition government admits to helping UAE take over Yemeni Telecommunications

Th Ministry of Telecommunications in the government loyal to the Saudi-led coalition has admitted to a plot targeting Yemeni telecommunications in cooperation with the UAE.

The ministry confirmed in a recent statement that negotiations with Emirati investors have been ongoing since last year, indicating that this plot is the result of efforts by the UAE.

The statement pointed out that the establishment of an Emirati telecommunications company is aimed at reducing what it called the control of the Sanaa government on the telecommunications sector through the creation of a new supplier.

The statement considered the plot against the telecommunications sector as a strategic partnership with the UAE.

Activists on social media ridiculed the statement made by the ministry.

“If the Ministry of telecommunications claims that the procedures are legal, why is the deal or agreement not presented to the House of Representatives for discussion?” activist Anis Mansour, head of the Hona Aden Center for Studies, asked in on his Twitter account.

He stressed that the pro-coalition government is working to grant the UAE cybersecurity company NX Digital Technology the right to acquire nearly the entire assets of the “Aden Net Telecom” project through a 70% partnership, without announcing a public auction to establish a private telecommunications company in the southern and eastern regions of Yemen.

He pointed out that “the acquisition of the international access portal to the Internet by a foreign company gives the foreign state control and monitoring of all the activities of telecommunications users in Yemen, which harms national security, the independence of the sector and protection of user data.”

For his part, Saleh Manser Al-Yafei, said in a tweet, that the purpose of the UAE acquiring telecommunications companies is to engage in espionage, eavesdrop and blackmail the leaders, officials and opponents of their project and their ambitions in Yemen.

It is worth mentioning that the son of the head of the “Presidential Leadership Council” Rashad Al-Alimi Khaled, in addition to the head of the pro-coalition government, Moeen Abdul-Malik, and a number of officials are involved in the conspiracy aimed at disrupting Yemeni national telecommunications, which serves foreign agendas, in exchange for exorbitant financial commissions that were disbursed to them.