Mass wedding held in Amran governorate

Mass wedding held in Amran governorate

A mass weeding celebration for 92 grooms and brides was held on Friday in the city of Hababa in the Thula district of Amran Governorate, in the 63rd mass wedding, which was organised by the sons of Hababa with the initiative and community support.

In the mass wedding, Governor of Amran, Dr. Faisal Juma’an, praised the initiative of the sons and dignitaries of Hababa in holding the 63rd annual mass wedding, to “immunise young men and girls [from sinful behaviour] and complete half of their religion.”

He pointed out that “the continuation of holding mass weddings is a message of steadfastness and determination to sow joy in the hearts of young people and reduce the costs of dowries, which embodied the principle of social solidarity and family cohesion.”

The Governor of Amran called on the members of society to adopt such symbiotic initiatives to immunise young people with the values and principles of chastity and encourage them to get married .

Meanwhile, the organisers stressed their keenness to enhance social solidarity in the directorate and reduce the costs of dowries, especially in light of the difficult living conditions that the country is going through due to the continued siege imposed by the Saudi-led coalition .