Protestors in Aden demand coalition retreat from the city

Protestors in Aden demand coalition retreat from the city

Angry demonstrators on Sunday roamed a number of streets in the city of Aden, denouncing  the economic collapse and key services for the fourth consecutive day in the city and the rest of the southern cities under the control of Saudi-led coalition factions.

Protesters who roamed the streets of Crater held banners denouncing the coalition’s policy, chanting “No more alliance” and other anti-coalition slogans amid demands for the departure of corrupt loyalists.

The participants denounced the silence of the pro-coalition government towards the continued collapse of the local currency, which was reflected in the rise of food commodity prices and the deterioration of the city’s electricity service without any treatment to reduce and alleviate the suffering of citizens.

The angry protesters called on the coalition and its “Presidential leadership council” to leave Aden and stop their policy of recklessness towards the people of the city.

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