STC leadership in Hadhramaut supports calls for demonstrations

STC leadership in Hadhramaut supports calls for demonstrations

The leadership of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) in Hadhramaut province adopted a call to support the popular demonstrations condemning the escalating economic collapse in the Yemeni areas controlled by the coalition.

Local sources in the city of Mukalla, the provincial capital of Hadhramaut, which is under the control of the UAE-loyal factions, said that the head of the STC’s branch in Hadhramaut, Saeed al-Mohammadi, announced during a special meeting, the tendency to adopt citizens’ protests and their legitimate demands to improve the living situation and end the state of economic collapse in the country.

Observers said that the announcement of the adoption of popular demands in Hadhramaut does not deviate from the framework of the political outbidding taking place between Riyadh and Abu Dhabi to control Hadhramaut.

Others believed that the UAE might take advantage of the flaring situation against the economic collapse to go as far as turning against the Saudi-backed governor of Hadhramaut, Mabkhout bin Madhi.

The STC’s leadership has not issued any official position to date on the catastrophe of the economic collapse and the deterioration of the local currency.

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