Emirati company cuts power on Socotra under the pretext of unpaid bills

Emirati company cuts power on Socotra under the pretext of unpaid bills

The Emirati company, “Dixom Power”, has cut off power on the Yemeni island of Socotra, which is under the control of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militia.

According to local sources in Socotra, the Emirati company carried out the power outage campaign under the pretext of unpaid electricity bills, which supposedly exceeded reasonable limits and reached the “point of madness.”

The sources confirmed that the company imposed an amount of AED 1,000 as a fine to restore electricity, and even forced a number of citizens who could not afford to pay the electricity bill to stay without power.

“Some bills reached 6,000 dirhams per month, more than 1,600 dollars,” the sources said, adding that “Even if you have a textile factory at home, it is impossible for the bill to reach this limit.”

Observers believe that the UAE is working to exploit the living conditions of the people of Socotra Island by raising the prices of all goods and service fees, which have increased since the UAE-backed STC elements took control of the island.

Press reports revealed that the Emirati company seized the Socotra State Electricity Corporation and looted its property under the banner of relief works in 2019 with the aim of trading and expanding in the archipelago, although it does not have work licenses, and strongly violated sovereignty.