Yemeni National Salvation Government speaks out on Qur’an desecration in Sweden

Yemeni National Salvation Government speaks out on Qur’an desecration in Sweden

The Cabinet in Sana’a strongly condemned, in its meeting on Monday, the repeated abuse of the Holy Qur’an in Sweden by burning copies of it, considering that a blatant disregard for the feelings of the entire Islamic nation.

The Cabinet called on the Islamic countries to take practical positions and measures in the face of these disgraceful acts, and at the forefront is the severing of diplomatic relations with Sweden and other European countries that offend in any way the Islamic religion, its symbols, and its sanctities.

It confirmed that the official statement, whether by Sweden or other countries; to burn copies of the Holy Qur’an has nothing to do with freedom of expression and clearly indicates the control of the Zionists over European governments, which harbor all hostility and hatred for the true Islamic religion.

In this context, the Cabinet praised the step taken by the Iraqi government to sever diplomatic relations with the State of Sweden and expel its ambassador in Baghdad, as well as the broad and honorable exit of the free Yemeni people in the rallies of anger that took place in the capital, Sana’a, this afternoon, Monday, against the persistence in the crimes of burning the Noble Qur’an copies.

In its meeting, the Council of Ministers discussed the executive steps related to the directives of the Revolution Leader, Sayyid Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, and President of the Supreme Political Council, Mahdi Al-Mashat, regarding the year 1445 AH being the year of education.

The Cabinet took a number of executive measures in this regard, including supporting the Teacher Fund to play its role in supporting teachers and stabilizing and developing the educational process.

The Council of Ministers also reviewed the report submitted by the Deputy Prime Minister for National Vision Affairs – Head of the Executive Office of the Vision Department, Mahmoud Al-Junaid, on the progress of preparing the state plan for the year 1445 AH, in coordination with the Ministry of Finance and various ministries and concerned authorities.

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