Street vendors in Taiz rally against occupation forces

Street vendors in Taiz rally against occupation forces

Dozens of street vendors rallied on Saturday in the coastal city of Mocha, to protest arbitrary actions taken by the UAE-backed armed factions.

In the rally, they appealed the pro-coalition government to intervene quickly to save them from the oppression of elements of the UAE-backed Tariq Saleh factions.

The vendors called on the coalition forces to take into account their living conditions in the city to which they migrated in search of a source of livelihood.

The members of the armed factions led by Tariq Saleh, nephew of the former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, threw their goods in the public streets and threatened them with arrest if they did not leave the city or join the UAE-supported camps to fight.

On Friday, the armed elements carried out a security campaign to remove the stalls, as many bulldozers demolished the stalls and ran over the workers, resulting in casualties.