Op-ed: Ashura in Mumbai

Op-ed: Ashura in Mumbai

Ashura, the 10th day of Mahe Moharram, witnessed the deadliest battle between righteousness and evil. It was Hussain as, the grandson of Rasool Allah saws and son of Ali ibne AbuTalib as, who took charge of the deteriorating condition of Muslims and stood with all his might, his family and his companions to save the spirit of Deen e Islam.

The busy city Mumbai, amid heavy rains, witnessed several processions on this day of Ashura 2023. Shias in the suburb Andheri West, Yari Road came together to observe Ashura with its core value to stand against injustice and hence the Ashura procession also had a very strong message against the disrespect done to Holy Quran in Sweden and Denmark.

Holy Quran was seen in the hands of several Muslims during the procession and some non-Muslims also joined in to hold Holy Quran as a token of respect.

As democracy and freedom do not mean an open channel for disrespect for people or religions, the criminal demeanor against the Holy Quran, in Sweden, Denmark or any other part of the world, reflects a lack of knowledge, conspiracy and a poor value system.

Shias in Zaib Palace, Yari Road (Mumbai) remembered Imam Hussain (as) with teary eyes, soulful gathering, and an activist spirit.

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