Defense Minister affirms Yemeni readiness during military parade

Defense Minister affirms Yemeni readiness during military parade

Special units of Yemeni armed forces carried out airdrops during a military exercise with live ammunition in Ma’rib governorate, on Sunday.

According to Yemen News Agency SABA, based in Sana’a, the Central Military Region held a military parade and military exercise with live ammunition using various light, medium and heavy weapons. The exercise included support and airdrop of paratroopers from graduates of the “first special batch” of the Republican Guard forces, and the special forces of the region.

During the military parade, the Yemeni Defense Minister Major General Mohammed Nasser Al-Afifi said that their forces have become feared at the level of the whole region in training, qualification, armament and readiness.

He added that Sana’a has all the keys to an honorable peace based on equality, respect for the Yemeni decision and national sovereignty.

Al-Atifi continued: “We say to the Saudi-led aggression coalition that the interest of the nation lies in the cooperation and solidarity of its countries, and the unification of its positions towards its fateful issues, which will inevitably be victorious.”

He pointed out that “the US-British colonial powers talk about peace in Yemen, while doing the opposite on the ground as they are used to do in their political approach, which has become exposed and defeated in front of all the free people of the world, foremost of which are the free people in Yemen and the axis of resistance.”

“Whoever leans on the US and UK is doomed to collapse and failure,” he said, referring to Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

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