Yemeni Deputy Foreign Minister meets with UN military advisor

Yemeni Deputy Foreign Minister meets with UN military advisor

Deputy Foreign Minister Hussein Al-Ezzi met today in Sana’a with the military advisor to the United Nations’ representative to Yemen, General Anthony Hayward.

During the meeting, Al-Ezzi affirmed the keenness of the revolutionary leadership and the Supreme Political Council to move towards peace in order to achieve security and stability for Yemen and the region, pointing to the support of the National Military Committee and overcoming the difficulties in front of it to accomplish its tasks in the event that the other parties showed their seriousness for peace represented first by the humanitarian file.

Brigadier General Al-Dif stressed that the revolutionary leadership, the Supreme Political Council and the Supreme Military Command have proven to all that they are heading towards a just peace.

He noted that the progress in resolving the humanitarian file represented in the disbursement of salaries from oil and gas revenues and the opening of airports and ports without restrictions will contribute to the progress of the military file.

The military advisor gave a general briefing on the meetings he held with the other parties, reviewing a number of points of interest to the Joint Coordination Committee.

During the meeting, some of the hostile acts carried out by the countries of aggression and their mercenaries, which are contrary to international humanitarian law were reviewed, including the push of Yemeni expatriates and African immigrants to the lines of contact and their use for goals that have nothing to do with the international laws of war.

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