Yemen prepares naval defences as US forces loom ever closer to Red Sea coastline

Yemen prepares naval defences as US forces loom ever closer to Red Sea coastline

The Yemeni Minister of Defence in the National Salvation government, Major General Muhammad Nasser Al-Atifi, on Thursday directed the naval forces and coastal defences to raise combat readiness to carry out any and all necessary military tasks to protect Yemen’s maritime sovereignty.

These directives come in conjunction with the arrival of US military reinforcements in the Red Sea.

During his chairing of an extraordinary meeting for the commanders of the Navy and coastal defense brigades, Major General Al-Atifi warned what he described as “the occupying Western forces” that began to infiltrate the region and then the occupied Yemeni provinces of an unknown fate if they persist in arrogance and occupation.

He confirmed that Yemen is developing its military capabilities in the various types and formations of the armed forces and seeks to possess an overwhelming naval force with strength, confidence, and competence.

“Whatever the justifications of the Western powers, this does not give them the right to interfere in Yemeni sovereignty or impose their influence on our territorial waters,” he said.

He added that these methods have been uncovered and expose the dubious goals of the forces of international influence from the Zionists and the supporters of Zionist ambitions in the region.

For his part, the Chief of Staff of the Naval Forces, Brigadier General Mansour Ahmed Al-Sa’adi, revealed that the Yemeni navy possesses many qualitative military capabilities, which are considered an effective tool that will lead the coalition forces to “a severe defeat in an unprecedented way in the history of contemporary naval battles.”

Al-Sa’adi pointed out that the naval movements of the coalition forces are “monitored and their coordinate bank is updated around the clock,”affirming that the naval forces’ confrontation plan is ready for launch and implementation, awaiting supreme command directives for both defensive and offensive levels.

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