Southern Yemeni politician calls occupation act of mass murder

Southern Yemeni politician calls occupation act of mass murder

A leader in the Southern Revolutionary Movement, described the events in the southern Yemeni province of Aden as a “mass murder”.

Arslan al-Saqqaf wrote a post on his Facebook: “What is happening of destruction of the economy and the local currency in Aden aims to implement the policy of impoverishment and not famine because it occurs deliberately. And, this is a mass murder of the people of Aden.”

He called on Saudi-led coalition to carry out its humanitarian and legal duty under “Article VII” as countries legally and morally responsible for our country under the political situation that Yemen is going through.

Al-Saqqaf affirmed that the residents of Aden and rest of southern governorates suffer from the poor living, economic and social conditions as well as the collapse of basic services.

“If the policy of impoverishment and starvation continues deliberately, this will lead to failure in controlling the security and stability of the entire region,” he warned.

Al-Saqqaf explained that the governorate of Aden is the key to the solution and problems.

It is worth noting that the governorates, which are under the control of the coalition have been witnessed a historic collapse of the local currency and public services, which exacerbated the living and humanitarian conditions of citizens, sparking popular anger protests