Mass protests against occupation held in Mahrah city of Al-Ghaydah

Mass protests against occupation held in Mahrah city of Al-Ghaydah

Hundreds of the people of the city of Al-Ghaydah, in the center of Mahrah province, organised a protest rally to denounce the abuses that Rashad Al-Alimi, head of the Saudi-formed Presidential Leadership Council, has been carrying out against the province’s people.

In the rally, which was held in front of the headquarters of the local authorities, the protesters raised banners demanding the provision of basic services such as electricity and water, and the holding accountable of those corrupt officials who plunder the revenues of the province.

The demonstrators condemned the abuse that Al-Alimi launched on the people of Mahrah, describing them as “terrorists and smugglers of hashish, drugs and weapons, in line with the American project in the province.”

After Al-Alimi’s accusations against Mahrah’s population, the head of the sit-in committee against the foreign presence in Mahrah, Sheikh Ali Salem al-Harizi, called on him to apologise, stressing that “he came to implement the American and British agendas in coordination with Saudi Arabia.”

Al-Harizi pointed out that Al-Alimi’s aims to bring more foreign forces into Yemen.

During the past months of this year, Saudi Arabia has tended to strip bare the eastern oil provinces of Yemen in order to serve the American-British-Zionist project in the region.

Since 2017, Saudi Arabia has converted Al-Ghaydah civilian airport into a joint US-British-Zionist military base, amid frequent visits by the US ambassador to the coalition-backed government, the latest of which took place in early March.

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