13-year-old girl drowns in dam near Sana'a

13-year-old girl drowns in dam near Sana'a

A 13-year-old girl drowned and another was rescued at Bani Matar Waterfall Dam in Sana’a province on Saturday.

The two girls drowned as a result of falling from the edge of the dam while playing, and the citizens were able to save one girl, and the Civil Defense Authority was informed of the other girl after the rescue attempts failed.

The Civil Defense Authority’s diving and rescue teams were able to recover the body of the drowned girl, Omaima Abdulhakim Muhammad Abdelkhaleq, after she had deid due to the long distance and the delay of the notification.

The Civil Defense Authority renewed its call to citizens to exercise caution and adhere to the instructions not to swim in dams and water barriers and not to approach slippery and dangerous places in those dams in order to preserve their lives and the lives of their children.

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