Mass protests hit occupied provinces of southern Yemen

Mass protests hit occupied provinces of southern Yemen

The popular anger is escalating in protest against the economic collapse and deterioration of services in the provinces under the control of the Saudi-led coalition, in light of the complete disregard of the pro-coalition government.

Hadhramaut province, in eastern Yemen, witnessed angry popular demonstrations on Tuesday for the third day in a row, condemning the deterioration of services and the power outages.

Local sources said that angry youths blocked a number of main streets in the city of Mukalla using stones on Tuesday morning and set tires on fire.

The sources added that the protesters demanded the departure of the “government” loyal to the coalition, which they described as “corrupt”, and called for the trial of the leaders of the pro-coalition “Presidential Leadership Council”, stressing that they would continue to escalate until the people’s demands are met.

The Hadramout protests coincided with the escalation of angry protests in the city of Aden, in which a number of people were injured as a result of clashes between the protesters and the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) factions.

Meanwhile, the provinces of Lahj and Abyan also witnessed a protest movement, during which citizens chanted the departure of the coalition and the trial of its loyal authorities.

Observers expected the escalation of the angry popular protests and the expansion of their circle to include other provinces in light of the continuous economic collapse, the deterioration of services, and the pro-coalition government’s disregard for the suffering of citizens there.

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