Human Rights Group denounces UAE-backed torture in Aden

Human Rights Group denounces UAE-backed torture in Aden

A human rights organization loyal to the Saudi-led coalition has revealed brutal torture methods against those forcibly disappeared in detention centers and prisons supervised by the UAE in the city of Aden, southern Yemen.

Head of the “Rased Organization for Human Rights,” Anis Al-Shurik, confirmed, in a post on the “X” platform, that “what the forcibly disappeared people are subjected to is an insult to human dignity inside one of the secret detention centers,” without mentioning names.

He stated that many of those detainees became unfit for life, unfit for coexistence, psychologically disturbed, and physically disabled due to brutal torture in the notorious prisons.

Al-Shurik held the “Southern Transitional Council (STC), backed by the UAE, and the governor of Aden, fully responsible for these crimes.

Early last February, Al-Shurik reported the use of chainsaws to torture prisoners and detainees inside the UAE’s secret prisons and detention centers in Aden, indicating that 80% of those forcibly disappeared in the STC prisons in Aden were from Abyan province

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