Palestinian Resistance Factions stage large-scale drills in Gaza

Palestinian Resistance Factions stage large-scale drills in Gaza

Palestinian resistance factions have launched large-scale military drills across the besieged Gaza Strip amid threats by the far-right “Israeli” administration of Benjamin Netanyahu to assassinate high-profile leaders of the groups.

The drills, codenamed Al-Rukn Al-Shadid 4 [Mighty Pillar 4], kicked off at 7.00 am local time [0400 GMT] on Tuesday in various neighborhoods of the coastal enclave and involved various units. They were scheduled to wrap up at 11 am.

Palestinian fighters annihilated designated targets in the sea by firing homegrown missiles and rockets during the exercise, which marks the 18th anniversary of the “Israeli” army withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

Gaza’s Interior Ministry announced in a statement that field operations would also be carried out as part of the drills, and security forces would be deployed in conjunction as well.

The ministry noted that the drills would also include assaults on the hypothetical enemy’s positions in addition to extensive movements of resistance units, armored vehicles, ambulances and paramedic teams.

The Joint Operations Room of the Palestinian Resistance Factions confirmed that it had conducted a reconnaissance and inspection tour of military sites and surveillance points along the separation barrier between the Gaza Strip and the 1948 occupied territories.

It stressed that the tour was undertaken to ensure Palestinian resistance fighters’ preparedness to confront any military confrontation with “Israeli” forces in the highly strategic Gaza Strip.

The joint operations room praised the vigilance and dedication of Palestinian fighters and called on them to raise their readiness level.


Source: Alahed News

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