Girl raped by UAE-backed military commanders in Hodeidah

Girl raped by UAE-backed military commanders in Hodeidah

A displaced girl was brutally raped by senior commanders loyal to UAE-backed military brigades in the coastal city of al-Khawkha in Hodeida governorate.

According to human rights sources in the city of Al-Khawkha, the 11-year-old girl Intisar Al-Qasimi was kidnapped and brutally raped by an armed gang led by Abdo Muhammad Qwasim and commander Muhammad Sayed Al-Kawkabani, who is considered as a brother to the commander of First Tahami Brigade.

The sources indicate that the perpetrators, with the complicity of Najib Warak, detained the child’s father and imprisoned him in one of the directorate’s prisons from the morning until now, in an attempt to pressure him and force him to give up the crime and cover it up.

It should be noted that this heinous crime is one of many crimes and cases that are diluted and kept away from the media and public opinion.

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