STC commander injured in Aden bombing attack

STC commander injured in Aden bombing attack

A security commander loyal to the UAE-backed Southern Transnational Council (STC)’s militia was wounded on Monday in a bombing attack on his convoy in Yemen’s southern port city of Aden, local media reported.

According to the media source, the security director of the Dar Saad District Police Station, Musleh al-Dharhani, was moderately injured and was taken to hospital.

The attack on Al-Dharani’s convoy took place near Al-Kamsary Park between the districts of Sheikh Othman and Dar Saad, north of Aden, the sources said.

The identity of the perpetrators is still unknown, but in recent months he has fought battles against forces affiliated with Islah and Hadi, most notably the Transport Brigade, which is led by Amjad Khaled and is currently based in the southwestern countryside of Taiz.

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