Egyptian authorities deport Yemeni writer Adel Al-Shujaa to Madrid

Egyptian authorities deport Yemeni writer Adel Al-Shujaa to Madrid

On Thursday, the Egyptian authorities deported the Yemeni writer, Adel Al-Shujaa, to the Spanish capital, Madrid.

Well-informed sources mentioned that Al-Shujaa’s deportation to Spain occurred two days after the suspension of his planned deportation to Aden, Yemen. This change was due to the deterioration of his health and significant pressure from Yemeni media and human rights organizations. Cairo’s initial decision to deport him to Yemen had been widely criticized.

Previously, the Egyptian authorities had prepared to send Adel Al-Shujaa to Spain from Cairo Airport. However, they redirected his destination to Aden upon the request of the coalition-backed government. This change was seen as retaliation against Al-Shujaa for his writings and political views.

Activists shared a video on social media in which Adel Al-Shujaa’s wife appealed to human rights organizations and the Yemeni embassy in Cairo. She urged them to intervene and halt her husband’s deportation to Aden. She affirmed her surprise at this sudden decision at the airport, especially since there had been an agreement to send him to Spain.

It’s worth noting that Al-Shujaa had been detained since September 18th by Egyptian authorities. They had arrested him at his residence following a report submitted by the head of the Saudi-formed presidential leadership council, Rashad Al-Alimi, and the leader of its government, Maeen Abdul-Malik.