Two Yemeni statues sold at Israeli auction

Two Yemeni statues sold at Israeli auction

Two Yemeni statues have topped the list of the most expensive antiquities sold at the Robert Deutsch (Israel) auction on the international auction platform Bidsprit, ahead of a group of Byzantine, Roman, Sumerian, Phoenician, Egyptian, Persian, and other antiquities offered at the auction.

The Yemeni antiquities researcher, Abdullah Mohsen, mentioned this on his Facebook page, saying: “The screen of the live broadcast of the auction showed 131 bidders competing to acquire Yemeni antiquities, their identities neither visible nor known.

Mohsen pointed out that following previous auctions and the locations of the later sold antiquities led him to believe that there were Arab and Gulf bidders, especially since this type of competition in prices is often one of the signs of their participation and competition.”

He added, “Among the most expensive exhibits is a statue sold for 65,000 dollars, which is a statue of the tribe and city of Mariamma (Dadal Brentam), from the third century – second century BC, and it is one of the completed statues.”

He continued: “As for the statue of Princess Qatabaniya, it was sold for 55,000 dollars, and the inscription calls her or describes her as (daughter). She is the daughter of the famous Qataban king, Yadawa Abu Ghaylan.”