Situation at Lebanese border with “Israel” escalates

Situation at Lebanese border with “Israel” escalates

The pace of confrontations has witnessed increasing on the Lebanese border with occupied Palestine, coinciding with the “Al-Aqsa Strom” battles that the Palestinian resistance is waging deep within the occupied territories.

According to reports coming from southern Lebanon, a number of young men were martyred during an infiltration operation carried out by Lebanese resistance fighters on the western “Hebron” site of the Zionist occupation forces in the Lebanese Shebaa Farms.

Reports said that the operation led to the injury of three members of the Israeli occupation forces.

Meanwhile, this evening, bombing operations were renewed from the Lebanese side on military sites belonging to the occupation in the Shebaa Farms.

For their part, the Israeli occupation forces launched an intense artillery bombardment, targeting homes in the Lebanese border towns. Lebanese media said that the Israeli bombing was the heaviest since the July 2006 war, amid intense overflights by the Zionist occupation aircraft, which participated in the bombing.