Hamas claims around 250 Zionist captives held in Gaza

Hamas claims around 250 Zionist captives held in Gaza

Al-Qassam Brigades spokesman, Abu Obeida, indicated late Monday that the number of Israeli captives in Gaza is between 200 and 250.

In a press conference, Abu Obeida affirmed that 22 Israeli captives were killed due to the occupation continuous bombardment of the Strip.

“The latest casualties from the occupation bombardment include an Israeli artist.”

“We have a group of detainees of various nationalities, and we consider them as our guests. We will release them when the field conditions allow us to do so.”

We confirm to the whole world and to anyone who wishes to intervene in the prisoners’ issue, and to our prisoners and their families, that we are determined to bring joy, God willing, to every Palestinian home. This is a promise we made to ourselves, Abu Obeida.

Back to the battle, Abu Obeida said that threatened that the Israeli ground invasion of Gaza will be a chance for the Palestinian resistance to avenge the casualties of the ongoing genocide in the Strip.

“Since the first day of this battle, the enemy has resorted to brutal and savage aggression against our people instead of confronting the fighters on the battlefield.”

The Israeli enemy did not anticipate that a besieged Arab power in Gaza would deliver the heaviest blow in its history, Abu Obeida pointed out.


Source: Al-Manar Website

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