Mass protests against Zionist crimes hit Yemen

Mass protests against Zionist crimes hit Yemen

The capital Sana’a and several provinces have witnessed overnight marches, condemning Zionist cruelty, most notably the recent massacre at the Al-Baptist Hospital in Gaza, where hundreds of Palestinians were killed and wounded.

In Sanaa, both Al-Sabeen Square and Al-Tahrir Square witnessed two angry protests condemning the horrifying Israeli-American massacre in Gaza.

In Dhamar, the streets of the city saw furious nighttime marches condemning the heinous crimes committed by the Zionist enemy against the Palestinian people in Gaza, the latest being the Al-Baptist Hospital massacre in Gaza.

The participants chanted slogans and voiced their anger and condemnation of the international community’s silence regarding the crimes of the Zionist enemy, which includes acts of genocide against the people of Gaza.

In Ibb, the participants emphasized the continuous support of the Yemeni people for the brave Palestinian people, their steadfast resistance, financial and human support, and their readiness to participate in the sacred jihad against the usurping Israeli enemy.

In Taiz, the participants considered the bombing of the Al-Baptist Hospital a representation of the Zionist enemy’s brutality, with the support it receives from various countries, primarily the United States, which sponsors global terrorism.

They held the Zionist enemy and the United States fully responsible for this atrocious massacre and others committed against the Palestinian people.

In the same regard, overnight protests were also witnessed in Amran Governorate. The protesters stressed the importance of organizing marches in all Arab and Islamic countries to show solidarity with the Palestinian people and convey the voice of free nations to the global community to stop the arrogance and brutality of the Zionist terrorist entity.

They emphasized that the crimes of the Zionists and Americans can only be stopped by the option of jihad and a resolute stance.

The marches also called on Arab and Islamic governments to provide immediate support to the Palestinian fighters.

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