Iraq: new attack hit “Ain al-Asad” airbase housing US forces

Iraq: new attack hit “Ain al-Asad” airbase housing US forces

A new attack with “Katyusha” missiles targeted on Sunday the “Ain al-Asad” airbase, which hosts American and international forces in western Iraq.

This comes two days after the base itself was attacked, at a time when America confirms its support for the Israeli occupation in its devastating war that it has been waging on the Gaza Strip for more than two weeks.

“Reuters” news agency quoted two unnamed military sources as saying that an explosion was heard inside the base, which is located in Anbar Governorate, western Iraq.

The base was attacked by drones and missiles last Thursday evening, while the defense systems at the base intercepted two drones on Saturday and shot them down while they were flying near the base.

On Saturday afternoon, the “Islamic Resistance in Iraq” via Telegram channels affiliated with Shiite factions loyal to Iran claimed responsibility for a drone attack on the Ain al-Asad base, but the “Pentagon” reported that it was not aware of any such attack, according to what was reported by the French News Agency.

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