Footage released on cyclone damage in Mahrah

Footage released on cyclone damage in Mahrah

Activists posted on social media pictures of the damage caused by Cyclone Tej in Mahrah Governorate, amid complete disregard by the government loyal to the Saudi-led coalition and their failure to provide assistance or respond to distress calls.

The pictures showed the collapse of parts of the ancient fort of Mismar, which is located in the Qishn District, as a result of Cyclone Tej.

The fort is one of the oldest forts in Mahrah. Citizens of Mahra confirmed that the hurricane revealed the falsity of the promises of the coalition of aggression and mercenaries that left them facing their fate and they stood by and watched the disaster that befell them.

The Huswain district is the most affected area of Cyclone Tej, where some of its areas are still besieged by torrents and floods until this moment, as well as Qishn and Al-Ghaydah.

A report indicated that two deaths were recorded, 150 others were injured, in addition to major damage to infrastructure, and private and public property. Cyclone Tej caused the displacement of about 10,000 people in Al-Ghaydah and Huswain districts, the most affected by the hurricane.

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