Targeted Israeli airstrikes at Al-Maghazi refugee camp kill at least 51 Palestinians

Targeted Israeli airstrikes at Al-Maghazi refugee camp kill at least 51 Palestinians

At least 51 Palestinian civilians were killed and many others injured after midnight in Israeli airstrikes that targeted a residence in the Al-Maghazi refugee camp, located in the central region of the Gaza Strip, the official Palestinian Wafa news agency reported.

According to the agency, the Israeli occupation warplanes struck the home of the Samaan family in the Al-Maghazi refugee camp, resulting in at least 51 deaths among innocent civilians, destruction to the home targeted, and damage to neighboring homes and infrastructure.

Meantime, the occupation warplanes carried out airstrikes on the western and northern neighborhoods of Gaza, using internationally banned white phosphorus bombs, particularly in the Al-Shati refugee camp west of Gaza City.

Earlier in the night, rescue and civil defense teams recovered the bodies of five individuals who had been killed in an Israeli airstrike on the Abu Hasira family home west of Gaza City.

Meanwhile, efforts are ongoing to rescue the remaining bodies and aid the injured who are still trapped beneath the rubble.

According to the Ministry of Health, the toll of casualties resulting from the ongoing Israeli aggression against Gaza and the West Bank since October 7 had climbed to at least 9,572 victims and over 26,000 injured, with over 1,600 others unaccounted for and feared dead under the rubble.

In Gaza, 9,425 Palestinians have been killed, with over 25,000 sustaining injuries. In the West Bank, the death toll has reached 147, with over 2,200 injured. Alarmingly, more than two-thirds of the wounded are children, women, and the elderly.

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