UN struggling for fifth time in a row to pass resolution on Gaza

UN struggling for fifth time in a row to pass resolution on Gaza

After four failed attempts, the UN Security Council is seeking for the fifth time to reach a resolution on the Israeli aggression on Gaza, but it remains to be seen whether it can overcome the serious divisions within it in order to reach a consensus on the wording of the resolution.

The current draft under negotiation calls for an “immediate and extended humanitarian pause” throughout the Gaza Strip, to provide civilians with the aid they desperately need.

It will also demand that “all parties” comply with international humanitarian law, which requires the protection of civilians, calls for special protection for children, and prohibits the detention of prisoners.

But the draft, proposed by Malta, a member of the Council, on Tuesday, does not include any reference to a ceasefire.

The 15-member Security Council, which is responsible for maintaining international peace and security, has failed to reach a decision since the start of the aggression due to internal divisions, especially between China and Russia, which want an immediate ceasefire, and the United States, Israel’s closest ally, which called for a humanitarian truce but made no mention of a ceasefire.

During the previous four attempts, the United States used its veto power against a draft resolution drafted by Brazil, Russia and China vetoed a draft resolution drafted by the United States, and two resolutions drafted by Russia failed to obtain the minimum number of votes needed for adoption by nine votes.

For the 40th day, the Israeli occupation army continues its attack on Gaza, leaving 11,320 Palestinians dead, including 4,650 children and 3,145 women, as well as 29,200 injured, 70% of whom are children and women, according to official Palestinian sources.

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