Protesters storm B.A.F administrative building in London

Protesters storm B.A.F administrative building in London

A group of mothers accompanied by their infants in the British capital, London, stormed the administrative building of the B.A.F. factory, which supplies the Israeli occupation with weapons for it’s massacres in the Gaza Strip.

A clash occurred between the building’s security personnel and the women who launched black balloons in the buildings corridors in memory of the martyred Palestinian children and raised Palestinian flags, shouting “Shame on you” and “We will not forget your shame.”

“You have signed an agreement with the occupation army worth $3 billion to manufacture F35 fighter jets that kill children,” one of the mothers said to the company.

“These weapons target civilian populations and deprive parents of their children,” she added. “there is a branch of the company in Manchester that manufactures navigation systems that the occupation uses to target hospitals and schools, such as what happened in the massacre at the National Baptist Hospital and Al Fakhoura School in Gaza.”

The protesters said this is a clear indication of the factory’s involvement in the massacre, as the company’s shares have risen by 8% since Oct 7.

The mothers called on the British government to stop it’s support of the massacre that the Israeli enemy’s committing against civilians in Palestine.

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